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Please Help Us Clean Up Divernon!

And Keep It That Way

In the coming weeks, the Village will be cleaning up railroad ditches, Village right of ways, and other areas of town that have become unattractive and cluttered with various types of debris.

Enforcement of certain nuisance ordinances has become lax, and we will be making a concerted effort to remedy this.

1. All burn barrels currently on railroad or village property need to be moved to the residents property.

2. In the future, no trash, yard waste, construction materials, junk or burning of any kind will be allowed on railroad property.

3. Only yard waste in paper bags with properly affixed stickers will be picked up by public works employees. Stickers are 50-cents each and may be obtained from the Village Hall. Plastic bags will no longer be collected.

The policy of picking up branches and limbs at no charge was implemented to accommodate the large amount of tree and shrub waste caused by storms in past years. Because we have limited space where we can dispose of them, we can no longer continue this policy except in those instances where people call the Village office to schedule branch pick up, for which there will be a charge based on the total amount of limbs and branches to be hauled off. The Public Works Department will determine the amount charged based on the volume picked up.

Drainage continues to be a problem during the rainy season, and we ask that you no longer pile your yard waste in the ditches adjacent to village streets, because it causes culverts and catch basins to become clogged and the water to back up on the streets.

We ask for your cooperation and assistance in order to make Divernon a more attractive place to live. If you have any questions, please contact the Village office at 628-3416.