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The Village of Divernon is among municipalities that own and operate their own utilities. The village has a public works staff of 3 employees that operate and maintain its own gas, water, wastewater, streets, alleys, parks and equipment.

Gas Department
The village buys its gas wholesale and then distributes it thru its own distribution system. The village area covers not only Divernon but also Glenarm and north and west of Glenarm. The gas department is regulated by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Water Department
Divernon owns and operates its own distribution system with a 250,000 gallon storage tank. The village purchases its water from Otter Lake Water Commission. The water is regulated by the USEPA and the IEPA.

Wastewater Department
Once used, the water is collected in a sanitary sewer system then pumped out to the wastewater treatment plant located north of the village. Here, the wastewater is treated by a lagoon system process to remove the impurities before discharging into brush creek. The wastewater is also regulated by the USEPA and IEPA.

The village is a member of J.U.L.I.E., (joint utility locating information for excavator’s service). Before any excavation is to be done, no matter how small or large, you are required to call JULIE at 811 or 1-800-892-0123, so underground utilities can be located and marked.

Streets & Parks
The village has an extensive network of streets and alleys, parks, and property which requires constant maintenance, mowing, snow removal, patching holes, debris clean-up, etc.

Utility Tap Fees Inside Village

Water and Sewer Only

Gas and Sewer Only

Water, Sewer and Gas

When gas is not primary heating fuel

When gas is the primary fuel for heating

After inspection by superintendent and proof of furnace, a rebate of $500.00 will be issued.

Installation of gas is free for the first 100 feet. Each additional foot is $2.00

Utility Taps Fees Outside Corporate Limits

Water Only 

Water and Sewer

Gas Only 

Installation of gas is free for the first 100 feet. Each additional foot is $2.00


Dear Gas Customer:

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has issued a new regulation that requires The Village of Divernon to offer an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) to its customers. An Excess Flow Valve is an extra safety device that can be installed in a service line providing natural gas to the meter.  The main purpose of an EFV is to reduce the risk of a release of natural gas caused by excavation damage to the service line between the point of connection to the main and the meter. An excess flow valve will not prevent or stop leaks that might occur downstream of the meter. Not every service can accommodate an EFV.

The installation of an EFV is not a requirement for existing natural gas service lines, however, at the request of a Village of Divernon customer one may be installed. The installation of an EFV would take one day and would require the excavation of the service line at the connection to the main line. If you would like an EFV installed in your service line, the cost you must pay is $2000.00. This includes all labor, equipment and materials but does not include restoration of grounds disturbed by excavation. It is not likely but it is possible that future maintenance or replacement of the EFV might be necessary and could result in additional charges.

If you would like to have an EFV installed or have any questions, please call our office at 217-628-3416.


Village of Divernon

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