Village of Divernon Departments

The village has a Public Works Department and a Police Department. Public Works garage is located at 19 W. Springer and the Police Department is at 50 East Brown St.

Public Works Announcements

  • On July 2, 2018 the Public Works crew will be oiling and rocking some streets in town. See link below to map of streets impacted. Please keep cars off these roadways.
    July 2, 2018 Road Oil and Rocking Map

Police Department Announcements

  • Please be watchful for school kids crossing streets or waiting along the shoulder for bus pick up. The fine for passing a stopped school bus is $150 and can result in a 3 month suspension or longer, so please be observant and be prepared to stop; from both directions.

    The following is a section of the burning ordnance: Ordinance fines for illegal burning starts at $50. 4-1-2 B 1. Prohibited Burning: No person shall cause or allow open burning of any garbage, hazardous waste, non-wood products, human or animal feces or human or animal flesh, on the ground or in any container. 4-1-2 B 4. Hours: No fires, except for permitted recreational fires, may be started before seven o’clock (7:00) AM or allowed to burn past seven o’clock (7:00) PM.
    (Recreational fires after hours must be constantly attended by an adult [18 years or older], and must have extinguishing equipment with in 25 feet of the fire.)

    Also as a reminder:

    Village ordinance: Restraint of Dogs and other animals; 5-2-4 Sec. A. States –

    Dogs: The owner or keeper of a dog shall keep such dog under restraint at all times and shall not permit the animal to be at large.

    So please keep all animals (cats included) on a leash, inside a pen, inside your home or in a fenced in yard. If one is found at large it can be impounded and if an owner is not located it will be picked up by a County Animal Control Officer, and include fines and fees.
    Currently we do not have an animal control officer in Divernon, but are looking at hiring one in the near future.

    Thank you and be safe: Chief Harris

    Divernon Police Application for Employment